THE PAISLEY - Cashmere WrapTHE PAISLEY - Cashmere Wrap

THE PAISLEY – Cashmere Wrap

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Its not a easy task to find a original Handmade shawls of Kashmir, that the world has known Luxury Product, embroidered by the Craftsmen of Kashmir. This give you a luxurious feel and keeps you in style.

Features: Limited edition, Original Cashmere, Classic Look, Handloom Mark. Kashmir Made

Material:   100% Pure Cashmere
Size :         180 cm X 70 cm
Care:         Dry Clean (Hand Wash)

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THE PAISLEY – Cashmere Wrap Hijab is the best and quality product, created with a beautiful paisley design. This scarf is embroidered by hand with a cotton thread technique famously known as “Aari Work”. Historic Paisley design is a crush on this scarf. Its soft natural drape feels good against the skin. Luxury THE PAISLEY – Cashmere Wrap is the original Cashmere product made in the heart of Srinagar, Kashmir. This is a pure form of Cashmere wool available in the world. Our Shawls are unique and only made by the fine hands in Kashmir. This black Cashmere pashmina is timeless and classic which goes with all type of dresses and occasions. we haven’t done any editing in pictures even not used any high definition cameras. We are learning by own to make them more clear to feel its beauty.

KashCrafts offers you a Luxury Cashmere wool scarf with Paisley around is a must buy for the season. This piece is a investment, that will never go out of fashion and keep you warm in the chilly winters. Cashmere is a softest, lightest and the warmest natural fabric available on earth. KashCrafts is a group of young artisans working to provide you with the widest range of real Kashmiri shawls and other textiles delivered at your doorsteps.

Material:   100% Pure Cashmere
Size :        180 cm X 70 cm
Care:        Dry Clean (Hand Wash)

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Dimensions18 × 18 × 10 cm