Royal Kashmir Winter CoatRoyal Kashmir Winter Coat

Royal Kashmir Winter Coat

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Royal Kashmir Winter Coat is adorned with a classic paisley design embroidery. This beautifully crafted grey jacket is embroidered with tone colors which is the crush on this handmade product.  Aari embroidery or crewel work is a specialty of the artisans of Kashmir.

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Royal Kashmir Winter Coat is adorned with floral design embroidery by the best craftsmen. Aari embroidery or crewel work is a specialty of artisans of Kashmir.

The craft of Aari embroidery has existed in India from the 12th century and was patronized by the Mughals. Its main features are the fine and concentric rings of chain stitch using a long hooked needle known as a crewel or Aari Needle. In this technique the thread is held below the cloth to be embroidered and the point of the aari is pushed through the fabric to pick up. Pull through to the surface a loop of thread. The point of the aari is then again inserted into the fabric through this loop and the process is repeated, so that a continuous line of chain stitch begins to be formed.

This Royal Kashmir Winter Coat looks beautiful & glamorous and perfect for any occasion. Step out of the crowd with this casual and traditional jackets. The ethnicity of this jacket has its own cool charm.

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 102 × 60 cm