Designer Cashmere ScarfsDesigner Cashmere Scarfs

Designer Cashmere Scarfs

$ 75.00

An elegant Natural beige pure Cashmere with Chantilly lace trim.


An elegant Natural beige pure Designer Cashmere Scarfs with Chantilly lace trim. This scarf gives luxurious drape and feel. This beautiful Cashmere lace scarf is soft against the skin and so will keep you at ease. The scarf exude luxury and style with beautiful frayed ends. The lace comes with a beautiful zari effect hence to match the colorway of the Pashmina. The lace is hand stitched very carefully to the Pashmina in panels.

As a result you will look like a true diva by draping this gorgeous Cashmere scarves which is perfect for any special gathering .

Fabric : 100% Cashmere wool.
Size : 80 cm / 200 cm
Care : Dry Clean (Hand wash)- Soak in lukewarm water with shampoo and gently agitate your scarf for 2 – 3 minutes. Give it a gentle squeeze and remove excess amount of water. Avoid direct sunlight while drying your Cashmere scarf and allow it air dry naturally under the shade so that the material looks new for long time.

Furthermore, an exclusive hand picked most of all collection of Pure Kashmir scarves presented by Kashcrafts.

Additional information

Weight .225 g
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 cm