Luxury Ikat Pashmina Wrap

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Luxury Ikat Pashmina Wrap is Elegant and woven by hand in Kashmir. This Luxury ascot is really iconic fashion accessory that is able to communicate to the world instantly, the passion and exquisite tastes of its owner.
Features:     100% Pashmina, Soft texture, Impressive designs, Hand-woven,
Material:     Pure Pashmina
Size :             200 cm X 70 cm
Care:            Dry Clean (Handwash)

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Luxury Ikat Pashmina Wrap is handwoven by the skilled craftsmen of Srinagar, Kashmir. This wrap is organic and soft as all the stages from the beginning have been done by hand.

A technique of Ikat allows a weaver to precisely prepare the patterns that appear on the finished fabric. The pattern is first sketched on paper and transferred onto the yarn. This is achieved by tying sections of pre-woven warp and weft yarn with polythene strips and coarse cotton threads before immersing them into dye baths. The use of polythene strips and coarse cotton threads is a traditional technique that is still used today. Just as in the craft of tie and dye, a resist is applied in order to enable the dyeing of several colors across the same section of yarn. Also as in tie and dye, the yarn may be untied then retied in order to achieve the desired patterns and color schemes.

Luxury Ikat Pashmina Wrap is a beautiful design of supreme quality under adroit professionals’ supervision. Mostly featured with beautiful Tribal designs that can be matched up with different attires. In addition, we provide this Ikat Scarf at reasonable prices to our valued clients.


  • Soft texture
  • 100% Pashmina
  • Attractive look
  • Hand-woven



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Weight 115 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 10 cm


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Luxury Ikat Pashmina Wrap

Original price was: $266.00.Current price is: $145.00.