Flores Wool Pillowcase

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Flores Wool Pillowcase is a quality product made in Srinagar, Kashmir.  Our focus on selected flowers symbolizes the wonder and curiosity about life and nature. KashCrafts is fascinated by the flowers´ course and by their details, shapes and the incredible and amazing compositions of their surfaces. Our inspiration of the Tulip to create decorative cushions, a throw, and rug to elevate the home in a colorful way.

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Material:   100% Merino Wool
Size :         45 x 45 cm.
Care:         Dry Clean (Hand Wash).

Shipping:    FREE Economy International Shipping
                         Item Location: Delhi, India
                         Ships to: Worldwide
Delivery:     Estimated between 7- 10 days
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Flores Wool Pillowcase is a quality product made in Srinagar, Kashmir. This beautiful Pillowcase is made of a best quality merino wool and backed with cotton canvas. The original form of real Craftsmanship. Before you can dive into the process of decorating your home, you need to establish your vision. There are many kind of products for home décor. But before you can get into the fundamentals, it is important to first capture the essence of real Art.

KashCrafts offers you the best  Australian Aboriginal Pillowcase with beautiful design is a must buy for the season. Its beautiful design makes this Flores Wool Pillowcase a very attractive and authentic. The intricacy of the workmanship and the amount of labor that it takes to create a single pillowcase is more than any other product. This is why they usually are little costlier than any other pillow covers in the market. KashCrafts is a group of young artisans working to provide you with the best. We work to provide you the widest range of original handmade products delivered at your doorsteps.

Material:  100% Merino Wool
Size :        45 x 45 cm.
Care:        Dry Clean (Hand Wash).

Shipping: FREE Economy International Shipping
Item Location: Delhi, India
Ships to: Worldwide
Delivery: Estimated between 7- 10 days

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Weight 175 kg
Dimensions 25 × 12 × 12 cm


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Flores Wool Pillowcase