Why is Pashmina expensive.

Why is Pashmina expensive?

The Pashmina wool comes from the Capra Hircus (Chagra) goat found in the highest altitudes of the Himalayan mountains of Ladakh. Fine craftsmanship makes the Pashmina expensive. Kashmir has a great history of creating pashmina masterpieces. These shawls are woven by hand and then embroidered by the fine needle known as SOZNI work. This type of work on a pashmina makes it unique and luxurious as the process can go more than a year to complete a shawl. The original Pashmina shawl comes from Kashmir because the process from the beginning to the end is done by hand only. People in the valley are experts to deal with a fine and delicate material on a loom as it breaks easily while weaving. That’s the only reason that the shawls made of Pashmina wool are a bit expensive.`