Its very complicated to know the origin of a Pashmina shawl. Many countries label there scarves with pashmina make’s it too difficult to find the right one. Pashmina is famous just because of its luxurious touch and commonly with some paisley or Flores work on it. Real Pashmina comes from the Himalayan mountains of North India, LADAKH. Its specialty and luxury remains only when its woven on a handloom. People of the state Kashmir, Srinagar are experts to handle this soft and delicate Pashmina on a LOOM. Artisans of the Valley carry a long history in weaving of those masterpiece Pashmina shawls which later are crafted with a fine needle work know as SOZNI. KashCrafts is a group of a young artisans working together to sell those crafts direct to the buyer. Our aim is to provide you the best in an affordable price. Our products are a bit expensive just because of the time consumed in to it. When we talk about the quality and craftsmanship, our products are far cheaper then the other sellers available in the market. KashCrafts promises you for the genuine product as described on our website. We want you to enjoy the Hussle free shopping with us.

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