Story Of A Pashmina Shawls

Story Of A Pashmina Shawls

Story Of A Pashmina Shawls carries a long history of being a luxury fashion product. Shawls made of Pashmina become the assets of the Royal closets and have been preserved in the famous museums of the World. Luxury shawls are categorized through their fine craftsmanship described by the artisan. Traditional designs are commonly used to make eye-catching multi-color fine embroidery on those handloom textiles. Paisley design jamawar shawls are mostly used for the Royal Wedding Gifts in India. The pashmina can be a luxury gift for any of your loved ones. Kings and the queens of time were been used by Pashmina to keep the nobility. To know the history of pashmina, you have to Explore. The British Monarchy  The Royal Family. It was a cry in the 19th century around western countries. The time has been remembered as a golden era in the history of the Handloom textile in Kashmir. Hand-knotted silk carpets of Kashmir are a wish of everyone in the world.

People have many Story Of A Pashmina Shawls, says it’s from the neck part of a goat and some say from the belly. I have heard people saying that the Pure Pashmina comes from a newborn baby goat. Those stories help sellers to connivance the clients easily. Being myself an artisan, Pashmina is same as the all parts of a Chagra goat. The only thing that makes a Pashmina special and unique is the capacity and the skills of the artisan. Pashmina is always simple, and elegant. soft and lightweight fabric, so before you think to buy a Pashmina. You need to keep a few things in mind.

A real handmade Pashmina shawl costs start around 200$ without any embroidery or a kind of weaving pattern. Before you purchase something like this,  make sure the product is made in Kashmir. The weaving technique of Pashmina is only existing in the world in Kashmir. This type of technique needs a lot of passion and high skills to deal with this world’s finest variant of wool. Logically, a pure Pashmina can’t go through by a machine because its soft thread is too fine and delicate as it breaks hundred times while weaving on a handloom. That’s the only reason that the original Pashmina is still woven in Kashmir.

Kani shawl

Kani Shawl

Being a top fashion accessory, Kani shawl is a first choice in any luxury closet. Made of a finest yarn “PASHMINA” Kani shawls are crafted by hand with a unique technique in Kashmir. A full length shawl takes around 9 months to complete by a single artisan.

At KashCrafts, you have a variety of shawls both Handloom and Machine made shawls. Our handmade shawls are unique and only made in the world. We craft single piece design and only repeat on demand. Our masterpieces can be found in the arms of famous celebrities around the world. It has been a long century, Pashmina is still booming all around Europe and now in China. KashCrafts is a best place to buy a handmade shawls as we sell it direct from the artisan. Our prices are very low and affordable to buy one in life.

Machine made Kani shawls are made of a fine wool. Its always with a classic floral patterns or wit a Paisley design. Discover it here..