Support The Artisans

Support The Artisans

Due to the crisis of the Coronavirus Pandemic, most of our artisans are facing trouble-like situations. The supplies of Pashmina raw materials got affected due to the nationwide lockdown. Even the Craftsmen have no access to cash for their goods in the market. Small businesses of those textiles are not able to welcome buyers into their stores. Poor artisans are suffering a lot due to the downfall of the global market.

 WE, are selling worldwide online and appreciate your trust and support. At this time, we are helping those craftsmen to find potential buyers just to sell them and support the community. Our goal at KashCrafts is only to promote this Luxury Fine Art and to provide you with the best at an affordable price.

 At the beginning of this August, KashCrafts started a new campaign #supportartisans to promote those artisans (often family-run) helping them to sell their Fine Textiles. Use this hashtag to reach the limits. Those products are genuine and the prices are very low as compared to the market. KashCrafts is more into supporting those skilled artisans rather than earning much out of their crafts. Your support will be highly appreciated to join this campaign and the contribution just to bring them out of this trouble. KashCrafts offers a complimentary gift on every purchase during this campaign. Join KashCrafts to support the community.

luxirious Fox Cashmere


It’s very complicated to know the origin of a Pashmina shawl. Many countries label their scarves with pashmina make’s it too difficult to find the right one. Pashmina is famous just because of its luxurious touch and commonly with some paisley or Flores work on it. Real Pashmina comes from the Himalayan mountains of North India, LADAKH. Its specialty and luxury remain only when it’s woven on a handloom. People of the state of Kashmir, Srinagar are experts to handle this soft and delicate Pashmina on a LOOM. Artisans of the Valley carry a long history in weaving those masterpiece Pashmina shawls which later are crafted with fine needlework known as SOZNI. KashCrafts is a group of young artisans working together to sell those crafts direct to the buyer. Our aim is to provide you with the best at an affordable price. Our products are a bit expensive just because of the time consumed by them. When we talk about the quality and craftsmanship, our products are far cheaper than the other sellers available in the market. KashCrafts promises you the genuine product as described on our website. We want you to enjoy the Hussle free shopping with us.

Home decor


HOME DECOR LUXURY Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s a real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being. It can be very tempting to decorate our home based on what we think will be appealing to others. How often do we choose colors and styles and artwork with someone else’s voice in the back of our mind, drowning out our own preferences? One of the most important things to keep in mind while decorating is that your home is about you. You are the one that needs to be comfortable there. You are the one that needs to look at the color of the walls and stare at the painting above the mantle every day.
KashCrafts offers you the best class handmade products. While it is good to have a home that is visually appealing, you should not be designing your home around other people’s opinions and preferences. Your own desires should rule. Your home should represent your lifestyle, not a false image that you feel pressured to present. Give your home an easy & effective update with our range of luxury home accessories. Shop for luxury home accessories, including cushions, throws, mirrors, and ornaments from over 250 designer brands.